Instagram’s Video Recording Game is on the Rise!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, can we imagine how many words worth a video is? With the advent of smartphones and the constant upgrades in the camera quality of each next generation of smartphones, they’ve become a tool not only for uploading and sharing pictures but lots of video content too.

Instagram is probably the most famous platform (apart from Pinterest) for sharing visuals in the form of images and videos. Until now I had only uploaded videos on Instagram after I edited them on my PC or other video editing applications. This is the first video where I have fully utilized the video recording features the application offers after its recent updates. In the video I have tried to cover all the options Instagram offers like pausing the recording and then resuming it as we want giving it the cut/change of frame effect, zooming in during the recording, various filter options and getting to select the cover image from the video for the post.

Well it’s #Starbucks, what not to love! 😁 # CaramelFrappuccino

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Instagram is available on both Android and iOS, however some features may vary or be additional in either of the operating systems. I used a Nexus 5 Android phone to record the video through Instagram. Recording the video was a fairly simple process. You begin by launching the application and touching on the camera icon at the bottom center part of the app. Touching it will show you this screen where you can choose whether you want to upload a picture from your gallery, click a new one or record a video.  Pressing and holding the circle begins your video recording.

Launch Video Recording
Press and Hold to start Video Recording


When you stop pressing the circle, the recording pauses and pressing the circle again resumes the recording. The pause/break can be seen in the black bars below the video recording screen. As you can see there’s one break in the video as apparent by the 2 black bars in the screenshot below. This is how I got the cuts in between the sequences in the video I’ve uploaded above. The “Delete” option under the circle allows you to delete or cancel off the last part of the recording you resume after the pause.

Adding Cut Frames to the Video


After you have recorded your video touching the “Next” on the top right takes you to the step where you can apply your desired filters to the video. For my video I applied the “Hefe” filter. You can also choose the Cover Image from the video you that want to be seen on your post before the video starts or if someone is browsing your profile.

Applying Filters and choosing Cover Image


Finally the last step remains to share/publish your video. Here you add your desired caption and appropriate Hashtags to increase the effectiveness of your video. Instagram also offers you the choice to share/publish the video on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Sharing the Video

One of the features the lack of which I felt on Instagram is the option to add a background music to your video through the application, be it default choices that Instagram could have or from our own music library. Currently you can only have the sound recorded in the video or the option of no sound at all during the video, which is what I selected.


Since it’s a proven fact that the brain retains visual content more easily and for longer time periods compared to texts, Instagram is one of the best tools to help build your brand value and recognition through visual content sharing, be it videos or pictures. With Instagram’s current users being 500 million, of which 300 million are active daily, its popularity and reach is worth recognition and definitely worth using to a brand’s advantage. The various filters available on the application for pictures and videos alike, its option to share content across other platforms, the easy user interface, new features being added in every 6 months to a year on average andits subsidy application Boomerang (for recording very short videos resembling GIFs), all of these factors make Instagram a very valuable tool for any brand.