Image Editors: Makeup for your Pictures

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”, George Elliot, an author once said. While one may not always judge a book by its cover, there’s no harm in having a beautiful cover. Like it or not, that’s one of the first things people usually notice. Similarly, in today’s day and age where uploading and sharing images on social media platforms has almost become like second nature for many, there’s no harm in editing images to make them look more appealing. From a business standpoint, images are edited with the aim of attracting and gaining attention of customers.

There are probably thousands and more applications, both online and for mobile devices out there for editing images. From those I have chosen two image editors , Canva which is an online editor and Snapseed which is a mobile application. I’ve selected a picture of an Air Jordan pair of shoes to be edited by the above mentioned tools. With the image I’ve tried to bring out the contrast between the shoes’ blue and white and the yellowy hue of the leaves in the background.

Image edited using Canva on a computer:


This picture was edited using the online platform Canva. It’s a very user friendly tool available for free online. Canva offer’s you various themes like Social Media, Presentation, Poster and gives you an aspect ratio frame that is best suited for each theme. For my image however I used a custom dimension theme matching the exact dimensions of my image. After uploading I applied the “Festive” filter on the image and following that I added the text on it. Lastly I placed the logo of Air Jordan on the image using a circular frame and reduced its transparency to 30%.

Image edited using the mobile application Snapseed:


I used the application Snapseed on a Nexus 5 android smartphone to edit the image. After selecting the image from the gallery I applied the “Glamour Glow” (sub-filter 1) filter to it. Following that I applied the “Lens Blur” filter, keeping the blur strength at 10 only as the shoes take up most of the frame. I then added the text to the image using the font design “M3” in the application. Lastly from the Tune Image option I applied the ‘Auto-Tune’ feature.

These two example can’t even be called the tip of the iceberg in terms of the number of applications and tools on multiple platforms that we have for editing images. Furthermore each application and tool brings with it new and unique features which one might not have seen yet.

So what are you waiting for? Click, Edit, Post, Repeat!