Air Jordan: Not meant only for the Court

Air Jordan is an athletic as well as a casual footwear brand. It was created as a division of Nike in 1985. While initially it was just marketed towards men aged between 18 to 35 and marketed just as basketball shoes, in recent times it’s come to be known more so for its style statement off-court.

My concept for the Air Jordan in this blog-post is that it’s not only a great pair of shoes for court activities, but is definitely just as great, if not more off court as well. The factors and features (Nike’s Air technology) that make it comfortable for the fast paced sport of basketball make it comfortably wearable on routine days too.

The pictures have been taken with a Nexus 5, with HDR+ mode on throughout.


As the recent trends have shown, Air Jordan is being increasingly worn off court as a style statement rather than as a part of sports uniform. These 2 images have been taken to show the Jordans worn on different surfaces as opposed to being confined to the court. The shoes work well on any number of surfaces or terrains and do not compromise on style and more importantly comfort anywhere you wear them.
The mobile application Photo Grid was used to make the collage. The filter ‘Wanderlust’ was applied via the Aviary application, which I feel perfectly suits the message I want to put across for the shoes being capable of worn almost anywhere.


img_20161014_183459These shoes are just too good to be taken off even when one’s back at home! Air Jordans are so good that they can be worn even indoors, when one is just relaxing in the balcony enjoying the lovely weather. This picture is aimed to be as natural as possible. No filters have been used here, only that the HDR+ mode on by default on the Nexus 5 used to click this picture.


blendpic_20161014175918330Here the Air Jordans are just shown in all their glory. The main aim of this picture is to show as much of the shoes as possible; the sole, the sides, the dual color scheme and of course the signature Slam Dunk logo of Air Jordan.
Have kept the shoes on a white platform to contrast with the blue color and with the yellow of the Fall season in the background to contrast the white of the soles. The BlendPic mobile application has been used to add the ‘Fall’ filter which enhances the surrounding environment and works well with the tree in the background. After that the ‘HD’ feature of the application Aviary was used to further enhance the quality and sharpness of the image.

With these potential Social Media posts I’ve aimed to further the use of Air Jordan as shoes that can be worn as a style statement as well as casually.

See you outside the court then!


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