‘Catching the eye’ of the Consumer

It is no secret that the human brain captures/records, retains and recalls any form of visual communication to a much higher degree compared to verbal or written forms of communication. This is what motivates marketers towards and forms the core basis for Visual Marketing.


This image was posted by Pepsi during Halloween 2013, and took a dig at its biggest competitor Coca-Cola. Keeping with the spirit of Halloween, the Pepsi can dressed ‘scarily’ in a “Cola-Coca” cape would definitely invoke laughs from majority the viewers irrespective of whether they are Pepsi or Coke fans. The core purpose of this ad I believe was to gain viewers’ attention and I believe Pepsi certainly succeeded at doing just that.


BMW posted this picture on Facebook with the caption- “Push all limits, and do so comfortably. The BMW X5.” The picture clearly portrays the caption visually. The X5 is shown in a mountainous and rocky area with no clear roads visible nearby at all with the car itself is shining in the sunlight. The X5 has been portrayed as an SUV and an all-terrain vehicle. BMW has given equal importance to the environment around the X5 and has used it to amplify the car’s image of an off-roader.